Appropriate Summer funeral attire

Q. I have a high profile military funeral in August in DC to attend and I (thankfully) haven’t been to a funeral in many years. I want to be comfortable in the heat, but dressed appropriately and look sophisticated and fashionable all at the same time. All I can find these days are party/sun dresses. What is appropriate as far as color and length/style and where would I find such an outfit?

-At a loss…

A. It’s still always best to wear black to a funeral, and it doesn’t have to be a dress. If you wear a black dress, be sure your shoulders/arms aren’t exposed (out of respect you should be covered in any house of religion). Be sure the dress doesn’t look like it fits in better at a cocktail party. If not a stylish, slightly conservative dress, then opt for a simple skirt and top or even a neutral or dark suit. Just stick to colors that are neutral like black, brown, cream, or navy. You can add accessories, a colorful top and heels to complete the look.

  • Brad

    Alison, I have a funeral where I am a pall bearer. I think I should wear a Black shirt with either Gray or Black Pants and a tie.The weather has been hovering around 100 so I am really trying to avoid a jacket. My wife thinks I should wear a white shirt and Black or gray pants with a tie. The funeral is for a friend of the family, she passed due to her age. Suggestions please! Thank you!

  • alison

    With sweltering heat you may want to wear a white shirt and tie with dark pants. Truth is, there is no one right answer of what to wear in your case. Go with your gut feeling on this one and sorry for your loss.

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