Are leggings appropriate for older women?

Q. I am over 60 but wear a size 4 petite. I have purchased a pair of black leggings and have not worn them yet because there is nothing worse (in my opinion) than not dressing for your age. I have two long tunic blouses – one that I purchased a few years ago in Paris and love and another one that I purchased recently. I have always worn the first with pants but would love to change the look. My question is- am I too old to wear leggings? I paired the outfit with some flats and it looked cute, but I am thinking maybe for an evening out at a restaurant rather than a day outfit. I live in a college town and do not want to look ridiculous! Am I wrong?

A. There’s no doubt that leggings are a huge trend this season. On the runways we saw everything from basic black to shredded and studded styles paired with pumps and ankle booties. However, leggings do have a place in a more sophisticated and classic wardrobe.

Start with a basic pair of leggings in a substantial knit fabric (no thin hosiery leggings) and dark color – forego this season’s embellished or patterned styles. Wear them with a pretty tunic blouse or sweater paired with a gorgeous flat or knee high boot. Here are two sophisticated and age appropriate looks to wear day or night:

  • Chandra

    Both of these styles are nice and are appropriate for any age. Older women can pair leggings with wrap dresses and shirt dresses and look very nice. The key is to be free of logos (no shirts emblazoned with Sexy, Single, or Too Cute; also leave out Ed Hardy clothing) and skip liquid leggings/denim leggings/over the top leggings. Remember: trends change all the time and are sometimes just updated flashier versions of classic pieces. Skip the trendy over the top liquid leggings and faux denim leggings, and wear basic thick opaque leggings instead. This way you can glam up with jewelry, stunning eye makeup, or a nice handbag. You should definitely try the looks above. They are fab and versatile.

  • louis vuitton@voguehit

    I think wearing the leggings with the boots is an excellent set,especially in the autumn season.

  • Pamela Daley

    Hmmmmmmmmm I guess it depends on what you’re doing with your life or how much you give a fug what other people think. I’m over 65 and dress exactly as I please – and I love leggings. I’m not trying to be something I’m not and I’m very careful about exposed skin…..and everything else for that matter. But color? prints? Bring ’em on! :)(:

  • Kate

    I am so glad Google sent me to you for fireplace info. Look at all the other great info I’m finding!
    Thank you SO MUCH for addressing the over-60 crowd. I’m not ready for little-old-lady clothes, but, like your writer, have a horror of being one of those women who look like they dress out of their grand-daughter’s closet. Keep up the good work!
    Kate (59)

  • Deb

    I am in that over 60 crowd. Recently I matched my black leggings with a cream pull-over, long sleeve sweater, a long (just above my knees) quilted fur-collar, zip-up vest, and black knee high boots. It felt wonderful and got tons of compliments. I don’t think I broke any fashion age rules.

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