Are nylons OUT?

2629Q. Hi Alison!  I say nylons are O U T “OUT”; my girlfriend disagrees.  My opinion is that nylons (nude, taupe, etc.) are a huge fashion faux pas, but sheer black are ok with a cocktail dress…but NEVER with sandals or an open toe.  What do you think?

-Are Nylons a No No

A. Although I personally am not a big fan of hosiery, it does help many women hide minor bulges and flaws.  I usually discourage younger women from wearing flesh-toned hosiery when they usually have great legs.  Go bare I say!  But if you do want to wear hosiery, then choose from all the creative styles that saturated the runways this season. Sheer black hose with a cocktail dress is the norm for many women.

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When it gets cooler, there are tights, fishnets and patterns to choose from to wear with skirts, dresses and even as trousers.  And just a tip—many women in NYC, including fashion editors, wear tights or patterned hosiery with peep-toe shoes to add a pop of color and extend the length of time they can wear their fashionable shoes — just be sure there is no visible seam.

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  • Sean

    Hi Alison.

    I am getting a little bit fed up with women who shout out their distaste for nylons. Nylons are akin to make-up for the legs. And just like a well applied make-up can turn ugly Betty into a bombshell, nylons can turn ugly legs into a million $ legs. While I acknowledge that there are legs out there that look great without hose, they will only look greater in hose. But such legs are indeed uncommon. If you’re the kind of a woman who wouldn’t be caught dead in public without a makeup, there is a strong chance your legs shouldn’t be exposed to us either – without the hose. Be honest to yourself. Open your mind to the possibility that your legs are only average, making hose a necessary attire for you. If you can’t do it for yourself, please do it for the rest of us. Besides, most men adore women’s legs in nylons. From a man’s standpoint the current trends in women’s fashion are pretty lame. I have yet to hear a man express how great crinkly-toed flip-flop wearing blotchy legs look. Have you heard any men say so? What is OUT are women who say nylons are out.

    Anyway, Alison. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself.

  • Foton

    I am not a great fan of nylons or socks myself specially socks ( they degrade any girl or woman ) I live in a warm country so I don’t have to wear them even at home . I wear long skirts , dresses mostly so I need them only in winters to feel warm . However ,they are a must with any leg baring skirt even if we don’t like them . I agree to an extent with Sean about stylish legs in nylons. Thanks Alison for letting us express our opinions .

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