Are pashminas passe for evening?

Q. I am going to a wedding Sept. 30th in Tennessee. I have a sleeveless black dress that I planned on wearing. I would like to wear a shawl as a cover for my shoulders. Are Pashminas past season, or would something else be more appropriate?

-Wrap Up

A. While other fashion editors may say Pashminas are passé, no doubt many of them still own them and travel with them. There are plenty of stylish wraps that will give a little coverage for the religious ceremony or just to keep your shoulders warm. If you already have a Pashmina that looks good with your chosen dress for the occasion, then by all means wear it, if not here are a few suggestions:


Tissue-Weight Cashmere Wrap

(comes in many colors)

$99 at


Sean Collection Bead-Trim Silk Shawl

(also in black),

$40 at

0402646756110 275X275

Ilana Wolf Satin Ruffle Capelet,

$225 at

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