Are Ponchos In?

A. I have a question about ponchos.  I bought a light pink crochet poncho during the end of last winter and have only worn it once. I’d like to wear it again this spring but I noticed that nobody seems to wear ponchos anymore. I’m wondering, are they completely “out” this year?  Thanks for creating a venue where we fashion wobbly girls can get the low down without seeming dumb.

-Poncho Perplexed

A. As with everything in fashion from clothes to shoes to accessories, there are items that are “in” and items that are “out” each season.  Your poncho is, unfortunately, considered by many fashion editors and designers to be “out” this season.  It joins the multiple variations of the shrug that have also been such a hit for the last year. But, and this is a big BUT, if you absolutely love it and it looks great on you, then go ahead and wear it a few times.  But then put it in the back of your closet or pack it with your winter sweaters and realize that fashion is cyclical, so inevitably the poncho trend will return within a few years.

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