Are Slips In or Out?

Q. I have been searching the web for this answer and came across your website. I am hosting a 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents at a very nice banquet facility. I have purchased a tea length, thin strapped, mauve colored dress, (with jacket), that is very sheer. The dress does have a “slip” of the same color underneath but you can still see my legs right through the dress. I heard about the Spanx brand undergarments and purchased the Higher Power bodysuit in nude color and will also be wearing a strapless bra under this ensemble. My issue is that you can still see my legs and I do not feel comfortable with this at all. Is it appropriate to be seen like that? Do I find/purchase a longer slip to go underneath? Do I go without? Do I wear nude nylons with my strappy sandals?

-Wary of Baring it

A. Slips do tend to be an item of the past. And it seems like you are doing quite a bit of intimate layering already. As long as the most intimate parts of you are covered then you should feel confident to walk around the party.

And nylons with a strappy sandal is generally a no-no unless you wear a peep toe. You don’t want to “scream” that you are wearing hosiery so the less strappy the better.

  • Deborah Bass

    If you feel more secure, wear a slip! Who will know?

  • Whitney

    I agree with the previous poster. If you (like me) are modest about showing off more than “your most intimate parts”, by all means wear a longer slip. It won’t show through the dress and neither will your legs.

  • J

    I always agree with Alison’s advice — except here! I have a similarly sheer dress, and wearing it out without a slip underneath (even with the other body-control items) would simply be indecent. If you don’t feel comfortable with others seeing your legs, wear a slip (full or half).

  • chapstickaddict

    I am 32 and have always worn a slip. My mother taught me that I should always wear one, and I just DO now. I have one in every length, black and nude. I only wear black or nude bras, too. Nobody will ever accuse me of being see-thru!

  • Lori

    I am constantly referring to and quoting from your Ask Allison column and feel you are consistently on the mark. However, I cannot stand to see women wearing lovely skirts, that are super sheer. Without a slip, the entire outfit looks tacky. This is one reason why slips were invented and though they are not popular now, they can make a woman look polished, not naked.

  • fawn

    by all means wear a slip! pick up a sweet vintage slip and make an “item of the past” a thing of the present!

  • alison

    Girls, girls, I’m all for wearing a slip, it just seemed like our friend in need was layering her way into a winter outfit. Truth is we should all shop for clothes that avoid the see through factor and lead us into this style drama. Tops are easy since there are plenty of flesh tone camisoles, I’ve just not found many slip options of late.

  • catherine mason

    there are still some very good lingerie manufacturers around that design and produce their own range of polyester slips in great styles. i used a firm in derbyshire who have a mail order service. i still believe that a good fitting slip will really make a dress look even better and if they are well made they are comfortable as well

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