Are Strappy Sandals Appropriate For The Bride?

Q. I’m getting married in August and I’m going to have a Church Ceremony. My mom is basically MAKING ME wear closed toe shoes because according to her strappy sandals are inappropriate for a Church Ceremony. Is that true???? I really wanted to wear strappy sandals instead of big clunky shoes! I need help convincing my mom. She will listen to you!

A. Strappy sandals are acceptable for most modern church ceremonies. If you belong to an ultra conservative church, or just want to please your mother, you can wear a closed toe shoe for the ceremony and then switch to a more fashionable strappy shoe for the reception.

  • Sunshine

    Sandals are totally appropriate, and they’ll make you look more modern. I had to wear ballet flats for my wedding since I’m taller than my husband, but I wish I’d worn sandals like those!

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