Ballet Flats and Short Legs

Q. I think ballet flats are super cute, however, my legs are short. I always wear heels because I feel frumpy with flats. Any suggestions on looking more chic?

-Steppin’ Out

A. There’s no reason you can’t embrace the ballet flat. You can’t live in heels 24/7 and flats are not only super cute, but some can be super comfy as well. Best way to create an elongated look is to wear your pants as long as possible without them dragging along the ground. And choose a flat that is more than just a solid leather. Go for patent or ornamentation, like a bejeweled pair, to give your outfit more sass. A stylish look will always beat out size and shape in overall judgement.

  • JDog

    I have the same problem, but the reason I feel frumpy in flats is less because I am short and more because my calves are proportionally larger, making me look dumpy when I wear short pants or skirts with flats. Flats with long pants seems to look okay, but requires hemming the pants (a pain) and also works best with pants with narrower pant openings (e.g., not this fall’s wide-leg pants).

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