Banishing "Mom" Jeans Forever

Q. I would like to buy my mom — who is a very youthful looking 64 — a pair of stylish but age-appropriate jeans.  She’s way too cute for those light-washed denim capris she’s been sporting for the past two decades. A bit about her: She’s pear shaped (very shy about her midsection and rear), has great legs, and is average-to-short.

-Divine Denim

A. Please hide the light-washed capris. Your youthful mom needs to embrace dark denim washes that are far more sophisticated and chic. I, too, motivated my mom into banishing her tapered lighter jeans and found dark denim boot cut styles for her instead.

I’m a fan of jeans that have a bit of stretch to help hold in the tummy area. Make sure the back pockets are centered on her butt and not high or low. Avoid patch pockets and look for jeans that are mid-rise. Mom doesn’t need to worry about bending over, nor do you want her to wear the higher waist styles that can age her. And definitely go for boot cut or a very slight flare to balance her pear shape. A tapered or skinny leg will only make her hips look larger.  Once you’ve found the right jeans, then have her search for a stylish pair of trouser jeans that she can sport out for dinner and a movie. Encourage your mom to wear a heel (even if it’s a low one) with her new jeans, she’ll look instantly slimmer and feel younger.

Since your mom might balk at the high priced jeans you and I might buy, I found more affordable options:

 Not Your Daughter's Jeans Tummy Tuck Stretch JeansLevi's Perfectly Slimming Jean, Rinse WashLauren Jeans Co Modern Boot-Cut Sydney Jean Worn Jeans 'Lizzie' Stretch Trouser Jeans

 Fire 'Hillary' Wide Leg Pants Wardrobe Stretch Denim TrousersNine West Wide-Leg Denim Trouser

1. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Tummy Tuck Stretch Jeans, $118 at

2. Levi’s Perfectly Slimming Jean, Rinse Wash, $34.99 at

3. Lauren Jeans Co Modern Boot-Cut Sydney Jean, $89.50 at

4. Worn Jeans ‘Lizzie’ Stretch Trouser Jeans, $98 at

5. Fire ‘Hillary’ Wide Leg Pants, $42 at

6. Wardrobe Stretch Denim Trousers, $68 at

7. Nine West Wide-Leg Denim Trouser, $79 at

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