Bare legs vs. hosiery

Q. I have been a big fan in recent years of the no-hose rule with sandals or pumps. Do you think this trend will continue or do you think the end is in sight?

-Bare It?

DknyA. I’ve always been a fan of the no-hose look as well, although so many designers are making great hosiery styles for Fall that I may have to snap up a few pairs for when the temps really drop. I believe wearing or not wearing hose is a matter of preference, confidence and dress code – not a trend. So if you can get away with no hosiery, I’m on your side, but when winter rears it’s ugly head, consider a pair of herringbone tights for under your tall boots and skirts. And wear opaque lacy knee highs or tights with some open toe pumps to extend their wear time for just an extra month.

  • ron

    i hate the bare leg look..
    VERY few females have the legs to pull off the no hose trend.
    as a child of the 70s and a legs luvr i luv how pantyhose make a pair of legs look and feel GREAT.
    even with a tan, i want to see legs encased in pantyhose, and whats the point of wearing a short skirt if ur gona cover up the legs with boots?,, might as well be wearing pants,,speaking of pants,, i feel any female in pants is crossdressed,,
    just my 2 cents thank you

  • Foton

    Nice take about the pants Ron ,I feel the same sometimes ( I am a woman myself who wears pants only in winter) I think women look like real women in dresses and skirts as men look absloutely manly in pants 😉

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