Better Outfits for Working in a Coffee Shop

Q. Your site is great. Here is my fashion conundrum: I spend a lot of time in a coffee shop, working on my laptop. People I know see me there all the time. What should I wear? I need something comfortable, but not shlumpy in a tracksuit or jeans (which I wear now). Also, the air conditioner indoors bothers me after awhile, so I usually – even in the summer time – wear my track jacket. Thanks for your help!
– Coffee Shop Girl

A. You need comfort and style so you can fit into the coffee shop work mode, but not look like you don’t care. Skip the jeans once in a while and pull on cotton pants in colors from khaki to navy to grey. Skip white since you’ll be concerned about spilling your coffee or getting wrinkled after sitting for several hours. As for what to wear for that chill that occurs with indoor air conditioning, choose thin knit cardigans and thin jackets that are sporty, but colorful. You want a little coverage that when you don’t need it can easily be folded up and tucked into your bag.


1. Egyptian cotton V-neck cardigan (available in 8 colors), $88 at
2. Featherweight merino ruffle cardigan (available in 12 colors), $88 at
3. DKNY pure DKNY Long Sleeve Easy Jacket, $125 at
4. Vince Cricket Cardigan, $215 at

5. Vince Wide Leg Pant, $225 at
6. Loomstate Maiden Twill Pant, $150 at
7. James Perse Casual Trouser, $175 at

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