Black and navy: a chic combination

Q. I just purchased this great Parker dress to wear in fall and winter. Since the background is navy, I can’t default to my usual black tights and shoes, somewhat the reason I avoid colors. What would you suggest for colors/styling in the way of hose, shoes, or boots to wear with this dress. I live in a cold climate so warmth is desirable.

A. Actually, black tights and black shoes is exactly what I would recommend to wear with this dress! The notion that black and navy can’t be paired together no longer holds true, in fact, black and navy is an extremely chic combination, and one of my favorites. Look no further than the Fall 2011 runways where designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Zac Posen sent several black and navy combinations down the catwalk. And it’s not just this season, black and navy have been an acceptable (and cool!) combination for years.

When you no longer need to wear tights, this dress would look great with tan or red shoes as well, but until then, it’s safest to match your shoes to your tights, which in this case should be BLACK.

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