Boots That Fit Small Calves

Q. I like the idea of wearing tall boots with short skirts so my legs don’t freeze!  However, I think it looks best when the calf of the boot is slim and hugs your lower leg.  All of the boots I have tried on are too big for my calves (and I do not have slim calves.) Are the boots supposed to be loose around your leg?

-Leg Space 

A. It all depends on the style.  Generally, most boots are meant to hug your calves, unless they are a slouchy style. It also depends on whether you’ll be tucking in jeans, in which case you might need a little extra room. I, too, have had endless problems finding boots that fit my calves – there always seems to be a gaping space.  The best solutions I’ve found have been in suede styles that you pull on rather than zip up.  I found gorgeous styles from Stuart Weitzman (pricey) and I found a great leather style that cinches just above the calf from Cole Haan.  And the only boots that I’ve found in the last year that almost hug my calves are from Sacco – they usually make the same styles each year with a different heel height.


Stuart Weitzman ‘Bootpoint’ Boot

$475 at 


Cole Haan Collection ‘Gali Air Short’ Boot

$385 at 


Sacco ‘Masha’ Boot 
$325 at

What about you? Let us know if you’ve found boots that fit small calves…

  • Heidi Heifetz

    I have the opposite problem- wide calves. I am searching for knee high boots of a nice quality leather or suede with a 2.5 -3″ shaped heel to fit my legs. Where do I look?

  • sajbat

    i have the same problem–you can often find a leathermaker or shoemaker who can take in the boots for you. it’s cost me about $40-50, so it does increase the price quite a bit, but then you have a perfect pair of boots. (besides, i just buy them on sale anyway!)

  • Dina

    I found that most Nine West boots fit small calfs. I just got a pair from for just under $80.00.

  • Beth Wuesthoff

    I bought a really cute pair of BCBGirl boots at Macy’s this fall that fit my skinny calves perfectly. They have a round toe and a strap and buckle around the ankles. It isn’t easy to tuck in jeans but they look so cute with a skirt!

  • Macy do boots for all calf sizes. I have never ordered from then so I can’t comment on their service.

  • sue pardoe

    Hiya i have a problem with small calves, cant find a low heeled lace up boot to fit my 32cm skinny leg, need a 1 inch or slightly higher, but they all fall down, any one out there know where to get em from … thanx sue

  • Lala

    I have 31cm calves and have such trouble finding boots that fit so I know exactly how you feel! A couple of years ago, I discovered Diba and Bronx boots fit great
    as do BCBG boots, but I find BCBG ones aren’t as comfortable. Good luck!

  • Candace

    Via Spiga tends to fit my 32 cm calf and they have a pretty nice website.

  • patti

    Duo has great shoes. I bought a pair of Black Navia last year and wear them all the time. I do put these boots through a lot of wear and tear and they have withstood everything!! I’ve had to change the tips twice and other than that they are perfect! They cost me almost $225 but it’s worth it as I would have gone through 2-3 pair of regular boots by now..

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