Bridesmaid gifts that bring smiles

Q. I’m getting married on July 1st and uncertain what to give my four bridesmaids as gifts. I’d like to stick to a budget of $100 for each friend. Help, I don’t want to disappoint them.

-Giddy about Getting Married 

A. Don’t overthink your gift giving.  Remember that this is your wedding and a focused, prepared gift can be easily achieved and loved by all your friends without blowing your budget. Also, don’t assume the gift has to be a part of or worn on the wedding day. 

Since your wedding is in July, I have two suggestions: one that focuses on summer fun and one that is truly indicative of their styles. 

Screenshot-3Idea 1:

Purchase canvas tote bags like the much loved ones from Lands’ End and have them monogrammed for each of your bridesmaids. Then fill each with a big oversized beach towel, a cute photo album (include a special photo of you and your friend on the first page), flip flops and an inexpensive sunless tanner.  All together these items should total about $100 spent for each girl. 

06Ba8F5718C6717A8Bd9Cac7B4A69Ee6-1Idea 2:

Give a piece of jewelry that will be treasured and fits each girl’s style.  Choose a pretty necklace, a beaded bracelet or dangly earrings that will dazzle with many outfits in your friend’s wardrobe. When buying jewelry for about $100 or less for each bridesmaid, don’t fret if one item is $99 and another is $60.  The point is that you’re giving a gift that you believe they’ll enjoy.

Leaf Branch Charm Necklace, shown above, $65 at

Breath Believe Pearl-1personalized necklace, $95 at

Chm 3 Tiered NecklaceChristie Martin 3 Tiered personalized necklace, $105 at

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