Bridesmaid Shoe Color Disagreement

Q. My daughter is the maid of honor in a wedding in January. The bride has picked out a beautiful apple red formal dress with a diamond-like broach and has chosen to accessorize with ivory shoes. My daughter and I think that the ivory would stand out too much against the red dress. What color shoe would you suggest?

-Ivory & Faux Ice

A. I would have suggested a pale or muted gold heel for sass or a neutral hue of deep cream or light tan for a sophisticated look. If you intend to approach the bride with a new color suggestion, do it delicately.

  • Lynn

    I was a bridesmaid in a January wedding not too long ago. Our bride went with a very dressy silver sandal (silver went well with the ice blue dresses). Although, our toes were a bit cold on the way to the reception, it looked great in pictures, which is really what matters to the bride. If you dare approach the bride with a change, you might suggest making practice pictures with the different shoe colors, and maybe she will come around on her own.

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