Can broad-shouldered women wear boyfriend blazers?

Q. I really, really want to get into this boyfriend blazer trend. I read about how versatile they are on fashion blogs, I see ladies rocking them at bars on my nights on the town; but, every time I see one in a store all I see are 1980s blazers-and-shoulder-pads turning women into linebackers in skirts and dresses. I’m plus size and pretty broad shouldered already with a large chest, can I really pull this look off on a night out or a casual day at work without having do to the Super Bowl shuffle?

A. You can absolutely wear a boyfriend blazer. The key is to choose a style without shoulder pads, since you’re already broad, and to look for a long, slim cut which will give you a leaner appearance. Anything that is boxy or too short will make you look wider. Be sure to wear a slim bottom and wear heels, if possible, for the most flattering look.


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