Can curvy girls wear gladiator sandals?

Q. Ok, this is another “I love how this looks on other women, but can I pull it off?” question. Gladiator sandals- love ’em! My concern with wearing them is that I’m a curvy gal with curvy legs and thicker ankles. I’ve always gone by the fashion book of never wearing sandals that cut off my leg line. Does this mean that gladiator sandals are a no-go for me?

Specifically, I’m considering purchasing these (holla at my plus-size online outlet Fashion Bug!), but since they’re pretty ankle-restrictive I’m considering giving them the Roman thumbs down.

A. You’ll have to keep your Roman thumbs down, I’m afraid. Your instincts are correct that ankle strap gladiator sandals are a no-no for curvy women with thicker ankles. However, that doesn’t mean you have to forego the trend entirely. There are plenty of gladiator options that don’t climb up your leg, offering a more flattering alternative. Instead, look for slim straps that hit around your ankle bone or lower. And since the gladiators you were looking at were such a great price, we’ve found some equally affordable picks for you – all under $50:

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