Can I ever wear my wedding dress again?

NordQ. I loved wearing my wedding gown on my wedding day. It’s an ivory, strapless, floor-length Nicole Miller gown that I bought in the eveningwear section of Nordstrom, so it isn’t super bridal–no lace, beading or tulle, just sleek silk satin. Before I got married, I thought that by buying a white evening gown instead of a wedding dress I’d have more opportunity to wear it again, but anytime I consider wearing it, it seems too bridal. Should I just give up hope of wearing it again and pack it away for future generations, or is there any way I can accessorize it to make it less "here comes the bride?" Thanks for any help, I love your site.
–Always a Bride

A. Saving the dress for future generations is risky – a lot of care must
be taken to store it properly and you can’t be sure your descendents will want
to wear it, so my suggestion is to find a way to wear it again. If you can’t get the wedding march out of your head every time you slip on your white evening gown, consider taking it to a tailor and ask if the fabric can be dyed a darker color.  Or have a good tailor shorten the length of the dress to cocktail length and you’ll be assured that the dress will look different.  You should make a change since it’s likely that you’ll wish to wear the dress to an event with people who attended your own wedding.  Another benefit of making the change is that your dress and wedding memories will always be significant to that day.  Have fun mixing up color in your accessories like bejeweled strappy heels, a colorful clutch and dangling earrings. A pretty wrap or fitted cashmere cardigan can also help change the look of the dress.

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