Can I Mix Sequins With Smoky Jewelry?

Q. I am wearing a long off-white dress with sequins to my sons wedding. My question–would it look ok to wear smoky quartz jewelry (a brownish color)? Will that look tacky or awful?

-Jewelry Do or Don’t 

A. It’s a matter of trying the whole look on to see the effect. The amount of sequin coverage on the dress will determine how much jewelry you should wear.  You don’t want to overpower the whole look. So try on the dress, add the jewelry and see if you like it.  Ask a friend who not only has great style, but will also be attending the wedding, for a second opinion. Adding a bit of color is not bad.  It may look good to have something with a bit of color dangling from your ears.

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    Shouldn’t the mother of the groom NOT wear off-white?!

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