Can I still wear bell bottom jeans?

Q. Is it still ok to wear bell bottom jeans? I have some from the Gap that I got in the spring that are the dark wash and like new.


A. True, all we seem to see are skinny jeans these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear other jean styles. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is a huge fan of ultra flared jeans, proving that it’s always chic to march to your own beat. Since flared jeans have a ’70s vibe, we’re loving them with faux fur vests, belted shirts and leather jackets. Whatever you wear on top, make sure it has a slim silhouette to offset the wide hem of your jeans. Here are a few looks for inspiration:

  • Carla

    And just because skinny jeans are the rage, doesn’t mean you can wear them! Wear what look good and flatters you – no what’s in style.

  • bellechic27

    I agree with Carla…just because a trend is big doesn’t mean everyone can or should wear it. I love that people are becoming more concerned with what looks good instead of just what is the trend at the moment. Also I love all three of these looks…thanks!!

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