Can I wear a bold printed dress to a wedding?

Q. What do you recommend wearing to a Spring/Summer wedding that isn’t a destination wedding, isn’t a Yacht Club wedding, is really just an afternoon church wedding (4:30), followed by a reception at a local golf course country club? I know that It isn’t too formal, nothing evening like.

I guess my real confusion is that with all of the bright florals, geometric prints, black, white, red and animal prints this year, is that really appropriate for an afternoon wedding? Is that too bold? Any help you could offer on dress, shoes and accessories would be great. I’m about 5’9″, hourglass figure, blond hair, brown eyes – and will have a good tan after a week on vacation. I was thinking a nude shoe – but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I always love being fashion forward (the bride is a fellow fashionista), but also want to be appropriate for the crowd/event.

A. Great question: can you wear bold prints to a semi-formal or non-formal wedding? Yes, absolutely! An afternoon wedding followed by a country club reception is the perfect opportunity to wear a pretty dress in a fabulous print or bright color. Actually, the dress code is quite similar to the options we suggested for the yacht club wedding. Your choice to wear nude colored shoes is perfectly appropriate and on-trend as well.

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