Can I Wear a White and Black Patterned Dress to a Wedding?

Q. I have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks and I bought 2 dresses. One is white with black roses on it with a big black band under the bust. It’s a halter style. While it’s not all white, people are telling me that I shouldn’t wear it. The other is black (strapless) with small white flowers on it, I prefer the white one but I don’t want to upset the bride in any way.

-Dress Confusion

A. Don’t let your friends swoop down and eat away at your confident style. The dress you’ve described clearly is not a white dress, so feel free to wear the white and black patterned dress and dance the night away.

  • Lacey

    I actually think that that dress sounds really cute. Go for it!

  • kristen

    somebody is stuffy. wear the dress and look fabulous

  • Michelle

    I was wondering the exact same thing! But what if the bride’s maid’s dresses are black? Should I just save the dress for another occasion?

  • Alison Deyette

    The little black dress is always appropriate. You certainly won’t be the only one besides the bridesmaids wearing a black cocktail dress. So go for it. Be sure to stand out in the crowd with stylish accessories.

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