Can I Wear Boots In The Spring?

Q. I’ve just bought a pair of very dark brown Frye “Jane” stitch boots. I’d like to get as much use out of them as possible. Would I be able to wear them into Spring and what would I wear them with?

A. Love these boots! You’ll get years of wear from them, and they’ll only improve with age. As for wearing them in the spring, pair them with a flirty dress or skirt and you’ll look gorgeous.

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  • ShoeHunting

    I love your suggestion, and I too believe that Frye boots are great from fall to spring! I have a pair of Frye “Nora” boots in purple that I just adore, and I will be donning them come springtime, with pretty floral dresses!

  • real style real people

    I agree- I’ll wear boots until it’s finally warm here in the midwest- which sometimes is not until May!

  • Sam

    i agree! wear them until it’s hot – they are great with dresses and leggings and lightweight tops

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