Can I wear Fall colors in the Spring?

Q. I just bought a very cute BCBG dress, but it has fall colors: oranges (light and deep), bone, and dark grey. I am wondering if I could wear such an obviously fall dress in the spring and if so what color shoes and accessories to put with it.
- Wear in Spring

A. While the dress may be darker fall colors, the whether-to-wear-now depends on the fabric. If it is not a heavy wool dress and is made of lighter fabrics then slip it on. The best way to lighten up the look for spring would be to pair it with shoes and accessories that play with the colors of the dress. Opt for light grey patent peep toes or a bright orange strappy sandal. Alternatively, look for a taupe strappy heel that you can wear with many other pieces in your wardrobe. Add bright enamel bracelets to add more color.

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