Can I wear maxi dresses to work?

Q. The ladies here in the office are wondering…can we wear a maxi dress to work? Our office is business casual; however, we cannot wear jeans. Though some women dress in suits/business attire, others wear capris and sandals everyday.


A. Personally, I think that maxi dresses are too casual and bohemian for the office and should be reserved just for weekends. Of course, there are dressier maxi dresses which work for parties and evening events, but these, too, are not meant for work. That being said, some of us here at StyleBakery feel that you can get away with a maxi dress if you work at a really casual or “trendy” office, or if you save it for summer Fridays.

There are ways to make a maxi look somewhat less “beachy” if you do choose to wear one to work:

1. Avoid strapless maxi dresses unless paired with a jacket or blazer

2. Wear with sandals or heels that are appropriate for your work place. Avoid flip flops.

3. Try adding a blazer or cardigan and even a belt to dress up the look.

The bottom line: use your best judgment. If you aren’t sure if the maxi is appropriate for your office, then it’s best not to wear one.


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