Can I wear my suit jacket in place of a boyfriend blazer?

Q. What exactly is the difference between a regular blazer and a “boyfriend” blazer? I’m an attorney, and I have a closet full of dark suits and cute blazers that I wear to work. Will these work as “boyfriend blazers” over dresses and jeans? I can roll the sleeves up, like I’ve seen in pictures, but most of them are a bit more fitted than the pictures I’ve seen. Does that ruin the look?


A. When boyfriend blazers first appeared on the scene last year, the term referred mostly to the oversized, somewhat slouchy blazer with a longer length, often with rolled up sleeves. However, in the past year, I’ve seen the term applied to traditional, more tailored blazers as well. Without getting caught up in terminology, or what is or isn’t a boyfriend blazer, what you’re really asking is whether you can wear your tailored suit jackets and blazers with dresses and jeans in a stylish way. You’ll be happy to know, the answer is yes!

You’re on the right track by rolling up the sleeves, this will instantly add a more casual vibe to your work blazers. Keep the look loose and light by keeping it unbuttoned. Try pairing it with everything from flirty dresses and rompers to jeans and shorts.

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