Can I wear patent leather shoes in the fall?

Q. For some reason I stuggle with wearing patent leather shoes. I have a couple of pairs of shoes that are patent; one is navy and one is dark red. I don’t wear them because I question if it’s the right time of year. What season is it appropriate to wear patent or is it always ok to do so? Please set me straight.

A. Patent leather used to be strictly a spring and summer skin, but in recent years, it has not only been okay to wear in the fall and winter, it has actually been a trend (read this post from last year). For fall, we love patent leathers in black, red, navy and purple, but more important than the color is the style of your shoe. If the silhouette is fall-appropriate, then go for it. Below are some patent accessories that are new for fall for inspiration:


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  1. Chandra
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 09:03:29

    Those old school ideas about what to wear and when to wear certain fashion pieces are slowly becoming archaic. Fashion is objective. Patent leather for fall is totally okay, and Fall trends make it easy to wear complementary pieces with patent leather shoees: bright day dresses, sleek patterned tights, and playful prints. Plus, signature fall shoe trends like ankle boots, booties, and thigh high boots not only use patent leather as embellishments, but are manufactured in full fledged patent leather.

    I say remember the season. Pair your red shoes with a houndstooth car coat or dress, and bridge the gap of your hemline and shoes with fishnet pantyhose, or other black hosiery. Accessorize with an oversized patent leather clutch (red, yellow, black), and you’ve got yourself a chic outfit! Good luck!


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