Can I wear shorts to work?

Q. I know shorts are a big trend this season, and I really love the look of shorts and a blazer. Can I wear it to my corporate casual office?

A. Shorts used to be a big no-no in the office, but relaxed rules of corporate dressing combined with increasingly chic ways to wear shorts have made it a feasible option for some. Here are some tips for determining whether you can wear shorts to work or not:

1. Check the office dress code – If you work in a corporate casual or creative work environment, shorts are more likely to be allowed. Forget about it for a conservative office.

2. Choose the right shorts – Look for shorts that have a more tailored appearance with a dressier fabric. No denim, cut-offs, or anything that looks too casual. If you’d wear them to the beach, forget it.

3. Choose the right length – The same way you wouldn’t wear a super short mini skirt to work (we hope), your shorts shouldn’t be too short or too tight.

4. Pair with dressier items – A blouse, crisp button down, or blazer will elevate the look of your shorts to make them more work-appropriate. No tank tops or strapless tops.

5. Choose the right shoes – A wedge, heel or flat is perfect. Avoid something too bare or beachy, and no flip-flops – ever.

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