Can I wear sneakers in a business casual atmosphere?

Q. I work in a business casual atmosphere where there is a lot of flexibility in appearance. I’m always annoyed with my shoes by the end of the day, even my flats. Are there fancy sneakers that I can wear to work with trousers or something equally comfortable?


A. Your appearance matters, even in a business casual office, so it’s always important to look neat and professional. Therefore, we are not fans of sneakers with trousers. If your usual shoes or flats are uncomfortable by the end of the day, you can try some of the many gel insoles available, like these from Dr. Scholl’s.

If the insoles don’t work, we recommend investing in a pair of Cole Haan shoes with Nike Air technology. They offer a huge range of stylish shoes that contain low profile cushioning. In other words, they look like a shoe but feel like a sneaker.

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