Can I wear socks with ballet flats?

Q. Is it okay to wear trouser socks with printed or colored shoes in the cold months, or do I need to freeze my feet to be fashionable?

2333063724_b53ce41f26.jpgA. Generally speaking, ballet flats are meant to be worn with bare feet. However, we’re guilty of wearing the occasional trouser sock or pair of tights with ballet flats when the weather is chilly. The key to doing this in a chic way is to match your sock color to your shoe as closely as possible (black with black is of course the easiest). This might not be as easy with your colored flats, so you should try to match your tights to your pants or skirt. But, rules are made to be broken – the black tights/red shoe combo shown here actually looks pretty cute! The key to pulling off any of these looks is to ensure that your socks fit well and don’t sag or bunch up.

  • Maria

    Can I wear flat boots with boyfriend jeans in the winter? I can’t wear high heels and I’d like to continue wearing my BF jeans if possible. I usually wear ballet flats but it will soon be too chilly to go without socks.

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