Can I Wear the Same Dress for Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding?

Q. We have been invited to my husband’s cousin’s wedding in Connecticut this October.  This is the first time I am stumped about what the 2 girls (age 9 & 13 ) and I should wear.  The reason I am unsure is because we are going to the rehearsal dinner with the family.  Is it  inappropriate to wear the same dress to the dinner and the wedding or should the dinner be more casual with slacks and then a dress to the wedding?  I only have a week and a half to get us all situated so it would be great if you had some advice.

A. Don’t repeat, that’s a big no-no.  The rehearsal dinner is an intimate, special occasion that only certain people are invited to.  Depending on where the dinner is being held will dictate the dress code.  I would suggest that you choose an outfit that is considered a step above casual. It is always safer to look better for an occasion than being dressed down.  Dress better and people will remember your respect for the occasion and sophistication.  I’d choose a simpler dress or a skirt with an appropriate top.  And obviously your dress for the wedding should be dressier than the rehearsal gathering.  As for the girls, they can be more casual if they are attending the rehearsal, but put them in dresses for the wedding day.

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