Can Linen Be Worn All Year Long?

Q. Can linen be worn all year long, or is it just a summer fabric? If the linen is a dark color such as black, does this make a difference?

-Linen Leary

A. Linen is strictly a summer fabric no matter what the color. So wear it when the weatherman claims humidity is high and the temps are sweltering. Your only reason to keep it in your closet for winter is if you take a trip to the Caribbean, Bora Bora, Fiji or somewhere where it’s hot while the snow is falling in the States.

  • Myra Picazo

    I live in Antigua 1 month Dallas 2 months etc. I want to travel to New York for a few day in Dec. with weight restrictions on luggage what can I pack when I go to Antigua that I can wear when I go to New York? Also I will be going back to Paris in March same question applies. Thank you

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