Can petite, curvy women wear skinny jeans?

Q. I am 5’3″ and weigh 140lbs. I wear a size 6-8. I am fairly curvy with a butt and hips. Can I wear skinny jeans? I always feel like i am too big for them.

A. Yes, curvy petite women can absolutely wear skinny jeans. Many women are surprised how flattering a skinny jean can be when they try on a pair worn with the right accessories and top. Here are some tips for looking great in skinnies:

  • Pair them with a longer top that covers your tush and the widest part of your thighs
  • Wear them with boots or heels to help elongate your legs
  • When possible, opt for a monochromatic leg (dark denim or black skinny jeans worn with black knee high boots, for example) for a long, lean look


Here are a few looks to inspire you:

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