Can petite women wear mary janes?

Q. I am 5 feet and I love the Christian Louboutin platform mary jane! I am petite and curvy very similiar to Kim Kardashian. I was wondering if it will make me look shorter, even if they are 6.5 inches high?? Please help!

CL-mary-janes.jpgA. The platform Christian Louboutin is quite a shoe! I would be more worried about whether I could walk in them than if they made me look short, but that’s just me. Your instincts are correct that an ankle strap or mary jane style is typically not the best choice for petite women, however, the CL shoe has several things going for it that should make it a flattering option for you. Along with the super-high heel and platform, the strap hits lower on your instep, so they won’t visually shorten your legs the way other mary janes or ankle strap shoes will.


You didn’t mention which color you are interested in, but I would suggest a neutral or nude color, rather than black, which will really flatter your legs and make them appear longer. I’ve selected several platform mary janes below that look very similar to the Louboutin versions, without the $1000 price tag.

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