Can velvet be worn for a formal occasion now?

Q. Can velvet be worn for a formal occasion now?


162924A. Other than those rich fitted velvet jackets one can start wearing in October when the temperatures begin to drop, I’m not a big proponent of velvet in October (though it is a HUGE trend this season). It truly depends on the outfit—a red, green or black velvet dress can be a big no-no for October since so many velvet dresses scream “HOLIDAY here I come.” But a cute cocktail dress (like the ABS by Allen Schwartz Chiffon & Velvet Dress shown left from or a dress in a contemporary cut or even a fantastic velvet suit in rich shades like eggplant and cappuccino can sneak by at a formal event this time of year and look great. Use temperature and location as your guide – if you live in Colorado where it’s already snowing then wear it, if you live in Florida where it’s still beach weather then skip it until November.

  • Kim Brown

    Can velvet be worn for a semi-formal wedding in the month of February in California?

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