Capri and Shorts Lengths For Petite Women

Q. I’m 5’2, usually a size 2, and I’m trying to figure out what length of shorts or capris will be most flattering. I don’t want to look stumpy or shorter than I am. I think I have pretty nice legs for a 30 year old, but also want to dress appropriately for work, vacations, or for chasing around my infant son. – Short Sized

A. For petite gals like you, the longer the capri pants, the better. Look for styles that are straight leg styles, not wide, and that hit just above your ankle. This will still give the impression of length. I just picked up two bright pairs from Club Monaco, one teal and one red that can easily transition in look just by swapping flats for wedge sandals at night. They are an ideal length and style.

As for shorts, skip the long styles and choose shorter lengths, specifically ones that have 3-5″ inseams or ones that stop at mid thigh. If you have good legs, then don’t cover them up with Bermuda or walking shorts since those will just stunt your height. If you intend to wear shorts to work, then opt for a mid thigh pair and be sure to pair the shorts with a conservative top like a button down shirt tucked in and a fitted cotton or linen blazer.

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1. Petite city-fit stretch chino café capri, $79.50 at 2. Theory Women’s Whythe Radar Ankle Pants, $215 at 3. Chino 5″ short, $39.50 at

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