Casual lightweight summer skirts

Q. I’m looking for a casual, lightweight summer skirt to go with cute cotton summer tee shirts and tanks. I would like something that is a slight A-line, in a white or khaki color. I’m 5’1 and 40 years old, so I would like it to hit right above or at the knee. I can’t find a skirt like this anywhere! Please help.

A. I, too, love the summer uniform consisting of a tank or tee and a skirt with sandals. In fact, for years this was pretty much all I wore, amassing quite a collection of A-line skirts in a variety of colors and prints. I’ve since moved on to mostly dresses in the summer which, if you can believe it, is even easier than throwing on a skirt/t-shirt combination since it consists of just one piece. So now my varied collection of skirts has transitioned to a closet full of casual lightweight cotton and linen dresses.


Ah, but enough about me, right? Here are some white and tan colored skirts to get you through the summer:

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