Classic bag for all seasons

Q. I recently started a new job and wanted to celebrate with a treat to myself…splurging on a great bag. Can you recommend a medium-sized bag I could use all year long and that is fashionable but not too trendy/flashy?  I’m looking for something classic, but I’m willing to spend a lot so I want to be able to use the bag summer, winter, spring or fall.

-Brilliant Bag

A. Oooh! This was fun.  Not sure what your “splurge” budget is, so I may have gone a bit overboard. Here are some suggestions of brilliant bags that are neutral colored and classic styles without lots of hardware to complicate the look or be too trendy.


Francesco Biasia ‘Pure Magic’ Large Satchel,

$480 at


Cole Haan ‘Village’ Large Drawstring Tote,

$425 at

P11007558 Ph Hero

Kooba Ginger Bag with Braid,

$635 at

0442131766682 275X275

Gucci Medium Shoulder Bag,

$1895 at

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