Colors To Pair With Gray Velvet

Boden Wideleg Washed Velvet TrousersQ. I bought a pair of velvet trousers in gray (Boden Wideleg Washed Velvet Trousers from  Note: the coloring on the model is truer to the gray in real life than the color on the image of the pants.  They are a lighter gray, with a slight very light purple hue.  They’re super comfortable, and work appropriate.  But I’m having a hard time finding colors that coordinate well with them, other than brown and black. What other color tops I could wear with them?

-Soft and Comfy 

A. First off -YUM. Love these pants! Take a cue from what the models is wearing and choose some colors to add to the richness of the gray velvet. Look for jewel tone or brighter sweaters like ruby, plum, deep purple, olive and teal. Beyond sweaters, search for tops with shine to give the pants a kick towards dressy.

 Double Breasted Bell Sleeve CardiganMerino wool turtleneck sweaterLong-sleeve scoopneck sweater

1.  Double Breasted Bell Sleeve Cardigan, $118 at

2. Merino wool turtleneck sweater, $78 at

3. Long-sleeve scoopneck sweater, $68 at

  • SparklingAllison

    Yay! Thanks for the response to my question. I am really loving these pants!!

  • j.brown

    They look comfortable.

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