Comfortable everyday spring shoes

Q. I loved the Clarks Indigo booties that were recommended on your site for a winter shoe. I would like something similar for spring, but with spring details (maybe open toe). I would wear them mostly with jeans or cargos. Can you recommend something comfortable, but stylish for a 40 year old mom-on-the-go? Love your site!


A. I’m so glad you liked your Clarks booties as much as I did this winter! Though they have a heel, they proved to be very comfortable for me as well. For spring, I’ll be replacing my suede booties with a wedge espadrille that has enough of a heel to make my legs look longer, while still being comfortable and manageable for this woman on-the-go (yours truly). Don’t let the platforms scare you, they are far more comfortable than you think, thanks to rubber soles, and the heels feel lower than they look.

Espadrilles look fantastic with jeans and cargos, not to mention shorts and dresses. And if you opt for a neutral color, they can be worn with everything. Here are some great picks to consider making your go-to spring/summer shoe:

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