Comfortable Shoes For When You're On Your Feet All Day

Q. I am a faithful reader of your advice column and now I have a question of my own.  I work as a pharmacy technician and I’m on my feet for 6 to 8 hours straight, mostly standing and typing.  I’m in search of comfortable shoes that are still cute and can be worn with jeans or nicer clothes.  It seems like everything made for comfort is lacking in style and most shoes I’m attracted to are not practical for work.

– Standing Strain

A. We’ve all had long standing days that lead to aching feet. First tip is to skip pointy shoes and obviously high heels, but it isn’t necessarily a good thing to wear completely flat shoes either. Look for shoes that have extra cushioning, padded insoles, a small heel and breathable leather fabric or a shoe that bends a bit with the movement of your foot. I’ve picked out some shoe styles that meet those requirements while allowing you to move between jeans and nicer clothes.

Aerosoles Best IntentionsFitzwell ElaineGeox D Ascot 1

Prari CandaceMartinez Valero AndieAerosoles Blind Sight

left to right:

1. Aerosoles Best Intentions, $79 at

2. Fitzwell Elaine, $69.95 at

3. Geox D Ascot 1, $283.95 at

4. Prari Candace, $299.95 at

5. Martinez Valero Andie, $148.95 at

6. Aerosoles Blind Sight, $79.99 (sale) at

  • Bec Temp

    I love your choices. I have just started venturing in the flats after years of boycotting them. I love being on flat ground again!

  • Shannon

    Flats are definitely the way to go when it comes to standing on your feet for long periods of time.

  • comfy

    I’d also recommend shoes by Naturalizer and Sofft!

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