Comfortable shoes to wear with skinny jeans

Q. I’m not sure what shoes to wear with my skinny jeans when I’ll be walking around the city. Are sneakers ok to wear? What suggestions to you have for shoes that are comfy and made for lots of walking to wear with skinny jeans?

A. You have several comfortable options for spring to wear with your skinny jeans. A comfortable ballet flat would be my first preference as it is far more versatile than a sneaker, allowing you to look a little more polished as you go throughout the day. However, if you do opt for a sneaker, a pair of classic Converse always looks cute -and much more stylish than a pair of sneakers that you might wear to the gym. A flat sandal or even a comfortable low wedge can be a great option for city walking as well. Here are some comfortable, but chic, styles to wear with your skinnies this season:

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