Comfy and chic summer office attire

Q. My office wardrobe feels so stale and uninspired lately. Now that summer is here, I feel like I should be wearing something more exciting – but I can’t really break dress code either. Are there any styles or pieces you can suggest that will shake things up without going overboard?

A. Corporate attire doesn’t always inspire a great deal of excitement, but with a few small tweaks here and there you can really change things up just enough to make your summer 9-to-5 more stylish. The key is to achieve a balance that addresses the sweltering temps outside and your no doubt brisk, air-conditioned office. Don’t shy away from bright colors that add a little pop to your practical neutrals, and embrace the simplicity of lightweight fabrics that keep you comfy all day long. Here are a few pieces that will seamlessly integrate into your work wardrobe.

summer-office-1.jpgBoss Black Ipepla Blouse, $185
DKNY Jacket – $109.50
Vince Camuto Floral Blouse, $99

summer-office-2.jpgWhite House Black Market Perfect Pencil Skirt, $78
Eliza J Colorblock Shift Dress, $70.80
Ann Taylor Carnegie Cropped Pants
, $68

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