Corporate casual outfit ideas for spring and summer

Q. I recently got a job as a full time photographer at a large company. The dress code here is ‘corporate casual’ which means jeans are only acceptable on Fridays. This is a problem for me — as a photographer, I’m often climbing on stepladders, lugging around equipment, crawling around on the floor… I need to be able to move in my clothes, and pretty dresses and heels are not gonna cut it. I end up wearing black pants and various shirts/blouses every day, and it’s so boring! Do you have any suggestions how to inject some style into my life, while still being able to get the job done? Any wardrobe suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!


A. For the warmer months ahead, I suggest investing in several pairs of slim cropped (capri) pants in a variety of colors and prints. J. Crew cafe capri pants are a personal favorite, they fit great and come in a variety of prints like leopard and polka dot as well as ultra bright, pale, and neutral solids. Cropped pants are really versatile and can be paired with summer weight sweaters, cardigans, little jackets, blouses, button downs and dressy tees. Even better, they can be worn with flats, wedges and pumps.


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