Defining Business Casual

Q. You’ve been a big help before, now I’m wondering what to wear for an internship in downtown Washington DC this summer. They have told me that business casual is the norm for the office but I’m wondering what that exactly entails. Are open toed sandals normally okay? I’m a big fan of printed skirts, can one of those be worn?
-Business Curious

A. Generally, a company that says business causal is not expecting you to wear a conservative business suit. This will give you more stylish options. Printed skirts paired with flattering tops are an ideal fashion choice for your internship. And open toed sandals should be fine, but perhaps wear a pump or peep toe the first day and take a look at the staff to get a sense of what the rest of the team is wearing. If you have any questions always look to a stylishly dressed superior for company policy guidance.

Here are a few business casual looks from

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  • diddy

    The boundaries of business casual seem to be pretty blurry. Personally, I use this site as my bible for all things business casual–or biz caz.

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