Do Boot Cut Jeans Really Flatter Curvy Women?

Q. This question goes against every fashion column I have ever read, but I have to ask it. Why does everyone suggest that curvy women wear boot cut jeans? I have a large chest, small waist and large hips and cannot for the life of me find jeans that look good and don’t have a huge gap in the back and/or expose things that I don’t want exposed whenever I sit down. There has been a recent trend towards “curvy” jeans which fit me slightly better than most, but the problem is that they are almost always boot cut or flair. Every column I read says that curvy women should wear boot cut jeans to even out the curves, but I find that I look like a Coke bottle in this style. In fact, I don’t think that it is particularly flattering on anyone. How out of touch with reality am I?

A. Finding a flattering pair of jeans is a constant challenge for many women, especially those with curves. As a general rule, boot cut jeans are the most universally flattering for women with your figure. However, it’s important that you look for jeans with a slight boot cut, not a wide flair – this can make all the difference and help to avoid the Coke bottle silhouette you fear. Also, experiment with straight cut styles, and even skinny jeans worn with knee high boots. Tapered jeans in general are a big no-no for women with hips and thighs.

Compare the styles below: on the left is a flaired jean (not so flattering), in the center is a slight boot cut (flattering) and on the right is a straight leg style (also flattering). All jeans are from

1767094.jpg 1788116.jpg 1837962_B.jpg

As for finding jeans that fit your smaller waist, this may prove to be even more of a challenge. If the curvy cut jeans that are available aren’t fitting well, then your best bet is to take the jeans to a tailor and have the waist made smaller. A small price to pay for a great fitting jean!

  • Paul

    There is a new brand of jeans that are absolutely fabulous for curvy shaped women of all sizes. The brand is Little in the Middle, and this jeans line caters to all sizes of women that have a curvy shape. One of the most interesting thing that it does; is that it is sized one size smaller in the waist than in the hips, so it eliminates that awful
    gap in the back of your jeans that let your rear end hang out while seated while offering a great fit. I think that this would be a great addition to your listing of jeans brands for future articles.

  • Anne

    I don’t know if I believe this totally (I do agree with the first picture, that looks horrible)… If you look in the first two pictures, the girl is slanting, making her thighs look bigger. On the third picture, she is standing straight in front of the camera, making herself look thinner.

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