Dress coats for a winter wedding

Q. I am attending a friend’s wedding at the end of November and I have a great dress but I’m worried about outerwear. The wedding is going to take place at a ski resort in the mountains so there’s a good chance for snow and I don’t have a dressy coat to wear to the event. This is clearly an investment piece but are there any that you could suggest on a budget? Thanks!

A. I have mixed feelings on whether one needs a dress coat in her wardrobe. Sure, it’s a nice thing to have, but is it a necessity? Not really. Presumably, you will go straight from the car to the venue where you will check your coat almost immediately upon arrival — in other words, you will spend very little time “being seen” in your coat. A classic long wool coat, especially in a dark color like black, would certainly suffice if you already have one in your closet. Another option (if you dare) is to wear a ski parka over your party dress — a favorite runway trend for designers year after year.

However, if you prefer the more traditional route of investing in a dress coat, then I would suggest a faux fur coat. It’s warm, stylish, dressy, and you can even wear it with jeans throughout the winter. Below are some faux fur options as well as some wool dress coats to try.

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