End of Summer Rules of Fashion

Q. I’ve always been confused about the "unofficial" end of Summer, Labor Day, and the "official" end of Summer, Sept. 22nd. Do I put away all my lightweight summer whites and tropical prints and straw accessories at the beginning of the month, or can I wear them for a few more weeks? Also, what about my big white leather handbag and short off-white trench? Have these things run their course? I live in San Francisco where the warmest months of the year are generally September and October.

-Warmed Up

A. For every stylish girl, it really depends on where in the country they live.  We New Yorkers have still been sporting white cotton skirts and dresses since the temperatures are hovering in the 80s.  If you live in a city that’s succumbing to serious heat and humidity, you get a free pass to continue wearing cotton whites. And by the official end of summer, you can then pack away your tropical prints, espadrilles and straw accessories. As a San Fran resident, you can carry your handbag a little longer and as for your trench, pair it with darker colors like black and navy to give it a sophisticated look and extend the length of wearing it into Fall when afternoons and evenings turn chilly.

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