Engagement party wear

EdressmeQ. I have an engagement party to attend (my boyfriend’s cousin) on July 29th.  The event is at 6p.m. at a winery/vineyard and I have no idea what to wear.  Any suggestions?   

A. A dress, a dress, a dress—something summery, not overdone.  A pretty sundress will do with strappy heeled sandals.  Engagement parties are not the wedding, so no need to overdo it. Just look pretty and toast the engaged couple.

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    i was thinking to wear those capries dressy pants (black) and a silk top( dont know the color yet) and black boot ( black) so what u think for a ingadgment party in a hotel.

  • Jerri

    What to wear for my niece’s engagement’s party.
    It will be held 2/3/07 @ 6PM?
    Is a black dress okay?

  • naomi

    i also have an engagement and also wanted to wear a strapless black lacey dress and platform shoes. you definatly can wear a black dress but just dont go to heavy on the jewelery. keep the jewelery simple but elegant with cute heels and you’ll look smashing

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