Fallen for a dress

Q. I love, love, love the dress you wore on the Tyra Banks show.  Can you tell me who makes it?

-Dress Impressed 

Detail1 1426-1A. Thanks for the compliment about the dress I wore on Tyra Banks.  These days, I am dress-buying obsessed and someone probably needs to restrain me! This nifty dress is by Conspiracy 8 and comes in two color ways: black with blue trim or chocolate with orange trim (currently on sale for $123 at mightyflirt.com). It is fairly low cut so be prepared to show a little cleavage, my fave right now is to pair it with the new Wonderbra Light Lift bra.


Wonderbra Light Gel

Push-Up Underwire Bra

$21.99 at

  • Another fan

    I actually love love loved the dress you wore on your Today Show appearance – it looked like it was blue-grey jersey with a patterned trim. Could you let us in on where you got that one?

  • Alison Deyette

    The dress is by Conspiracy 8 and you can find it at http://www.mightyflirt.com

  • http://www.conspiracyeight.com Angela

    You can now buy the Michella dress on http://www.Conspiracyeight.com as mighty flirt has sold out

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